1. Religion and sexual identity

I research the intersection of religion and sexuality in African Christianity. A recent publication on this topic put debates about ‘gay-conversion’ therapy in the UK and debates around homophobia in Africa into conversation with one another. With support from the National Working Group, I developed this short instructional film with the LGBT+ anti-abuse charity Galop exploring the link between being LGBT+ and accusations of demonic possession in religious contexts.

2. Rites Undone

RITES UNDONE (2021) is a short documentary about Nigerian victims of sex-trafficking in Italy.

The film investigates the psychological methods of control used by sex-traffickers. It explores the challenges faced by mental health workers in Italy trying to provide treatment across cultural and religious divides.

Rites Undone is funded by the Wellcome Trust and supported by the Hidden Persuaders project.

To find out more, go to the Rites Undone website

If you’d like to organise a screening of Rites Undone or to use the film in your teaching, please get in touch.

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